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50 Question OMR Sheet Sample

OMR sheets are commonly used as answer sheets for exams based on multiple-choice questions. This is because it offers the most convenient way of checking the answer sheets. Teachers do not have to spend their time correcting the papers if the answer sheets are in the OMR software. The reason for this is that the checking would be done by the Addmen OMR software.

The best thing about this software is that it gives you the freedom to design the sheets as per your requirement. From 50-300, you can include as many number of questions as you want in an A4 size paper. Here, we have presented a 50 question OMR sheet sample which you can download for free for practice.

  • Although this OMR sheet is colored, you can find the same answer sheet in black and white. At the end of the page, you will find links to both colored and black and white OMR sheets with 50 questions.
  • The difference between the colored and black and white sheets is that there is text inside the bubbles in the colored sheets while the black and white bubbles are blank.
  • The index points of both types of OMR sheets are dark black in color.
  • You can customize these sheets by adding the name and logo of your institute in the space provided.
  • You have to instruct your students to fill the roll no. in written and OMR format. This is because the software cannot read the written format but only the bubble marking.
  • Instructions for filling the OMR sheet are provided on the top right hand side of the sheet. Make sure that the students read it properly before answering the questions.

The 50 question OMR sheet sample has 50 questions with four options (ABCD). Download the sheets and print them using any normal printer.

Sample OMR Answer Sheet 50 Questions