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How to Fill OMR Answer Sheet?

While these rules have to be followed for filling OMR sheets that use other OMR software or OMR machine, Addmen's OMR software does not follow any such rules

Standard set of instructions on how-to-fill-OMR-Sheets that you will mostly find on OMR Sheets

Addmen's OMR software accepts OMR sheets that have been filled with blue or black gel pen.

You can fill the bubbles completely or use tick marks or thin lines for OMR sheet filling. The sensitivity of the software can be altered accordingly.

The software is not affected by under-filled or over-filled bubbles. Dirt and scratches on the OMR sheets does not hamper the reading process of the OMR reader software.

This software also allows the use of whitener for hiding the pen marks on the bubbles.

OMR sheets are most commonly used as answer sheets for objective type questions that have multiple choice answers. This is different from a normal answer sheet as it is a technical document which is checked by the OMR Software and not manually. These sheets have several technical parameters and dimensions that are quite important for the software to read them.

The OMR sheets contain bubbles, circles or boxes in place of the answer options. However, not all papers that have bubbles can be called OMR sheets. You will find four index points on the corners of the OMR sheets. These points enable the software to read and evaluate the sheets. As the OMR sheets are special documents, typically certain precautions have to be followed while filling them. Let us take a look at some of the instructions.

These are the standard instructions that are generally seen on a typical OMR sheet.


How to fill OMR sheets?

  • Most examination bodies prefer the use of black or blue ball point pen for filling the OMR sheets. Gel pens should be avoided at any cost.
  • The circles should be darkened completely. They should not be marked with tick marks or thin strokes. Moreover, under-filled or over-filled bubbles would not be accepted.
  • Pencil should be used only if it is mentioned in the instructions. In case one is allowed to use pencil, it would be best to use HB or 2B Pencil
  • Most examination committees do not allow the use of whitener or marker to hide the marks.