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Addmen OMR Sheet Scanner Software - Module Wise Description

The OMR sheet scanner software by Addmen is used for reading scanned OMR sheets. This software possesses three modules which are as follows:


Addmen OMR Sheet Reader Software Comprises of 3 Modules for Different Purposes:

  • Module A : OMR Answer Sheet Checker ....used for MCQ Test Checking.
  • Module B : OMR Form Reader ....used for Data Collection, Application Forms, Feedback & Survey.
  • Module C : Question Paper Generator ....used for making Question Papers and shuffling Questions.

The OMR answer sheet checker is used for checking the answer sheets for MCQ based examinations while the OMR form reader is used for collecting data from application forms, admission forms, surveys, questionnaires, etc. The third module is the question paper generator which is used for creating question papers and also for making different sets of the same question paper by shuffling the questions.

Graphic Overview of OMR Software Work Process for MCQ Test Checking & Form Reading

OMR Sheet Scanner Software


Description of 3 Different Modules for Different Purposes in Addmen OMR Optical Mark Recognition Software

OMR Answer Sheet Designing Module

Addmen OMR Reader Software also has an inbuilt OMR Sheet designing facility, which is an integral part of Modules A & B.

If the user purchases any of the modules A or B or A+B, the sheet designing facility is automatically available. There is no need to purchase sheet design facility additionally.

Module A : OMR Answer Sheet Checker (for MCQ Test Checking)

  • This module provides an elaborate data processing facility that not only reads the dark bubbles, but also compares them with the answer key and applies the marking scheme.
  • The OMR software only reads those blocks that are relevant for the examination process. This includes the answer bubbles, roll no, and set no. blocks.
  • It does not have the ability to read name, phone number, photo, signature, etc.
  • Although it cannot reader too many types of blocks or bubbles, it is considered to be the no. 1 product for checking MCQ based answer sheets as it processes the data in detail.

Module B : OMR Form Reader (for Data Collection)

  • This module reads OMR sheets that are used for collecting data. It not only reads dark marks of the bubbles but also the digital data.
  • Along with OMR, it has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) too which can read barcode, photo, signature, printed form no., phone no., date of birth, etc.
  • The data collected after reading the OMR sheets are transferred to an Excel sheet. This module does not have a system to process the data as every form is different.
  • It is possible to read different types of blocks with this module of the software.

Difference Between OMR Answer Sheet Checker & OMR Form Reader

Although both OMR answer sheet checker and form reader are used for reading OMR sheets, they have two different purposes. While the former is used for reading MCQ tests, the later is used for data collection. As both the sheets have different functions and require different features, they are provided in two different modules.

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Used for: MCQ Test Checking & Result Preparation

  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Recruitment & Selection Tests
  • Psychometric & IQ Analysis


The OMR answer sheet checker has a fabulous processor that processes the OMR data in detail. But it cannot read all types of OMR blocks or bubbles.

OMR Form Reader

Used for: OMR Data Collection

  • Application forms, Admission Forms
  • Questionnaires, Survey, Feedback Forms
  • Attendance Sheets, Marks Award Sheets
  • Ballot Paper, Check Lists , Process Cards

The OMR form reader reads all types of blocks but does not process the sheets. The raw data received is exported into Excel.


Module C : Question Paper Generator (for Managing Question Bank)

  • This module does not have the ability to read OMR sheets but is a great tool to make the MCQ sheets for the test.
  • You can easily make OMR based MCQ test papers by properly formatting them..
  • The module has the ability to create different sets of the same question paper by shuffling the questions. It also automatically creates answer keys for the question paper sets.
  • You can also create input word file for Online Test System with this module


Addmen OMR Software is Available as 2 Versions -  Standard and Professional Version.

The Addmen OMR software has three versions: standard, professional and server. The standard version has several features that read OMR sheets quickly and efficiently. However, if you have to scan huge volume of OMR sheets, the professional version of the OMR scanner software has to be used. It also has the ability to read OMR sheets in which the index points are missing and also those that have misaligned bubbles.

On the other hand, the server version of the OMR software is best for those organizations that have their branches at different locations. You do not have to pay for more than one OMR software license. The OMR sheets are read at the terminal and the results are uploaded to the OMR server as soon as it is done, i.e., in real time.