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Free OMR Sheet Download for practice

One of the best competition exam sites for
OMR Sheet Samples of Important Competition Exams in India on OMR Pattern

This is the website of leading OMR Sheet Reading Software Company in India. This webpage is an attempt to gather the various OMR Sheet samples spread over internet for the benefit of the students and job aspirants. It is a one stop destination for Free OMR Sheet download for practice of Competion Exams 2014. The site provides a vast list of OMR Answer sheet formats for free download based on competition exam 2013 list. Competition test paper patterns are also provided for some of the competitive exams.

Disclaimer : This is not a government website of a examination or recruitment body. Any designs shown here have been collected from the internet and various other sources. We do not make any claim related to the authenticity of the OMR Sheet Format pertaining to the actual OMR examination pattern as announced by the examination body conducting that exam.

Higher Education Exams / Certification Exams / Scholarship Exams in India

Employment Exams / Recruitment Exams /
Job Selection Exams in India

Some of the OMR sheet examples given here may be actual OMR answer sheet formats used in the competition exams or recruitment exams while some other links given here provide look-alike samples of OMR answer sheets used in MCQ test. However the purpose is purely to get OMR Sheet for practice.

Some Common OMR Sheet Samples (Click on the image below to view page and Download PDF)

50 Question OMR Sheet

60 Question OMR Sheet

90 Question OMR Sheet

100 Question OMR Sheet

120 Question OMR Sheet

150 Question OMR Sheet

180 Question OMR Sheet

200 Question OMR Sheet

250 Question OMR Sheet

300 Question OMR Sheet

JEE OMR Sheet 2014
Advanced Paper 1

JEE Answer Sheet 2014
Advanced Paper 2
(Click on the image above to view page and Download PDF)

You may visit our OMR Form Reader website to download various samples of OMR Forms, OMR Application Forms

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