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OMR Test Sheet

OMR test sheets are commonly used for examinations or tests that have multiple choice or objective type questions. Instead of writing the answers in details, students have to select the right answer from the choices given by shading or marking the OMR bubbles. These sheets are scanned and then read as well as evaluated by the OMR answer sheet checker software.

Addmen has provided several OMR test sheet samples here which one can download for free.


Why to Download OMR Sheet Samples?

In India, you will find the use of OMR test sheets in almost all popular entrance as well as competitive examinations. As not many students are aware of the OMR sheets and how to fill these, they make a lot of mistakes due to which they do not qualify for admission in the college or educational institute. Hence, we have provided with OMR sheet samples that students can use for practice.


Important Note

The OMR test sheets available here have been collected from various sources, including the internet. While some are authentic copies of the original OMR sheets used in competitive examinations, some are just similar copies. Addmen does guarantee the authenticity of any of the sheets and cannot be challenged in this regard. The sheets are provided so that students can practice filling these sheets before they appear for the examinations.

Disclaimer: We do not claim to be a government website nor do we guarantee the authenticity of any of the OMR sheets. These sheets have been gathered from sources around the internet as well as several other places.

Some Common OMR Sheet Samples (Click on the image below to view page and Download PDF)