What is OMR sheets?

OMR Sheets can be found in the examination corridors where applicant need to put checking for answer choice. These sheets are typical forms which come with bubbles or boxes for the applicants to tick the answers. OMR Sheets scanners are used to scan the OMR sheet to obtain the results.

OMR Sheets v/s Other Bubbles Sheets

  • OMR sheets are seen considering index point by the software to scan the appropriate responses in like manner. Index points are set apart on the OMR sheets on the four corners.
  • Index point has critical influence in denoting the bubbles. It ought to be dark in shading and not greater than the size of the appropriate response bubbles. There ought to be no dirt collection on them.
  • The OMR answer sheet comprises a space where the applicant has to fill his/her roll number which is imperative for the processer to recognize the exact individual. This chunk may also comprise area for test ID, test paper code, etc. All these arenas should be completed appropriately for correct reading and recognition of the scholar or applicant.
  • One should use black or blue ball point pen to mark the OMR sheets. Gel pens, fountain pens and markers should be eluded

Candidate should not write any content on sheet specially near index points , This can cause problem in reading process of software

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