SSC OMR 200 Question Test Sheet Sample

The 200 questions OMR test sheet has been designed in such a way that the 100 questions are arranged in an organized manner with enough space for all the four options for every question. Before the questions begin, space is provided for collecting the data of the students. The details like roll no., test form no. and ticket no. have to be both written and filled. There is also a block for VH which should be filled or darkened only if it is applicable for a particular student.

On the top of the OMR sheet, there is place to write the name of the student. However, this will not be read by the OMR software as the index points are place after this block. Students have to darken the appropriate bubbles with blue or black ball point pen. Clear instructions are given at the end of the sheet that for every mistake one and half marks would be deducted from the total marks.

Another specialty of this sheet is that the instructions are given in two languages: Hindi and English. This is to ensure that students from both Hindi and English medium schools would be able to fill the sheet easily.

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