SSC OMR 100 Question Test Sheet Sample

Addmen group has designed several answer sheets and forms for educational institutes, government organizations, etc. since its inception 12 years ago. Here, you will find an SSC test sheet for 100 questions. This OMR answer sheet can be downloaded by students for free. You can get it printed and use it for practice.

  • The OMR test sheet begins with a block for writing the name of the student.
  • After this, you will find blocks for test form no., ticket no., and roll no.
  • While the ticket no. and roll no. blocks have OMR bubbles from 0 to 9, the test form no. has a mix of alphabets and numbers.
  • The index points come after the name block, indicating that the name will not be read by the OMR software.
  • There are 100 questions in the sheet. These questions are separated into five columns and each of the answers has four options which are ABCD.
  • Students have to fill the correct OMR bubbles completely by using blue or black ball point pen.
  • The instructions on the sheet are provided in both English and Hindi languages.

This test sheet has been used for SSC examination, which is an important examination in India.

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