OMR software test features

The OMR software is used by schools, colleges, and other educational institutes for the purpose of evaluating MCQ based exams and tests. The software makes evaluating the sheets easy and fast. You do not need to check every sheet manually. All you need to have is a scanner (preferably automatic) for scanning the sheets. The OMR software reads and evaluates these scanned sheets. Take a look at the OMR software test features to know more about it.

Features of OMR test software

  • The OMR software not only reads the scanned OMR sheets but also helps to design and print them. It contains several layouts from which you can choose one according to your requirements. There are no limits to the number of OMR sheets you can make and check with this software.
  • The marking scheme for every exam may not be the same. However, you do not have to buy another OMR software to create an OMR sheet with a different marking scheme. You can do this with the same software.
  • You can create OMR tests with complex marking system by including decimal marking and negative marking. You can also set cut-off marks for the test.
  • Sometimes certain questions are cancelled after the examination begins. It is possible to rearrange the marking system by applying bonus marks for cancelled questions.
  • Apart from multiple-choice questions, you can also design and read OMR sheets that have column matching questions, numerical questions, true and false type questions, etc. It can also read and evaluate psychometric questions.
  • The software sends necessary alerts during the reading process. You will receive prompts if the student has made errors like invalid or blank ID, wrong test paper set, double marked or duplicate ID.
  • The correct answer key can be copied into the software system by copy pasting it from Excel or by typing it manually. It is also possible to import the correct answer key from a correctly filled sheet.
  • It is possible to create reports or results of the OMR tests. You can also create reports for subjective exams with this software. But you will either have to import it from Excel or type it manually.

These are the important OMR software test features. These features make the OMR software a much sought after tool for designing, reading and processing OMR sheets.

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