How to check OMR sheet

Manually OMR Sheet checking is not only complex but also increases the probability of human mistake. So to beat this trouble and get relieve from load of OMR sheet checking, you can use Addmen’s OMR Software.OMR answer checking software is extensively used by educational, government organizations, recruitment agency, to assess the applicant’s academic growth by systematic numerical analysis and creation of merit reports.

Procedure as below :

  • Describe the Test by putting test details such as, the Test Title, Test Date, and Test ID etc.
  • Manage the various subjects and sections of the test
  • Use Answer key board to put the accurate answers for the questions and to classify the marking format.
  • Scan the OMR answer sheets of applicant, using any ADF scanner.
  • Once you read the scanned sheets by the OMR software, the scores are calculated based on all the right/wrong answers marked by the applicant.
  • You can export reports in the form of graphical reports, mark lists etc.
  • You may also generate your own reports by moving the obtained data into Excel, Access, and other formats of your preference.



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