Free Online Test Series for Competitive Exams

Nearly all of the competitive exams like JEE, CAT, IBPS, GATE, NEET, Aptitude and many others have now executed online test system. Many organizations give free online test series and online practice test to applicants. With this online test series one can have practice to appear and use the system starting from registration to end till exam results

Let’s have look to steps for appearing free online test series

  1. Candidate have to fill online application form presented at website
  2. Username & Password for online test is sent to candidates via mail or SMS
  3. Once you received the login credentials for your online test you can login and appear for the test
  4. You will be redirected to your main panel where you will see the list of Online tests .You can click on the ‘Open Test’ button to select the test to resolve.
  5. You will redirect to the online test solution panel of the online test system. Read online test instructions watchfully before you initiate online test.
  6. Press the “Start Test” button. Initiate the online mock test question paper.
  7. If you have completed solving your examination. Press the “Submit” button. Even if you don’t click the “Submit” button, the test will be automatically saved when the online test time is ended.

In most cases students taking part in the online test series is permitted to perceive the complete result immediately on end of the test from their main panel in the online test software. Online test Series offers you chances to assess your preparation and build up the weak areas to get expected result in the real examination.

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