Exam maker software for your online exams and assessments

Addmen group offers you the best exam maker that permits you to make exam paper and assessments. It was very tedious to manage and generate exams but Addmen groups has come up with the solution to get rid of these tedious paper work.This software is used by educational institutes and government organizations who want an effortless way to create and manage exams. Generate multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and true or false question, include guidelines and split your test into several part by using addmen group’s exam maker software.

  • How the exam maker software does works?
  • First you need to make all question banks ready in word file systematically.
  • These question Word files are saved as QR files in the software.
  • After that, It is necessary to associate properties to the questions like subject name, chapter no, topic, type of question (theortical, numerical, mcq’s)
  • Using blueprint interface user can generation exam paper
  • After defining the blueprint of exam paper, this software selects the questions from set of question banks and makes the exam paper.

One of the main benefits of using Exam maker software like Test maker is the ability to create many randomized assessments within minutes. This attribute assist supervisor to get more accurate results.

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