Alumni Register Software

Alumni are organized for former pupil of company or organization, former students who graduated from the school, college or university. Every organization has an alumni union who is connected with ex- students and employees to arrange events, distribute articles in circular and journals. Some organizations also offer association advantages and other rights to alumni. Addmen’s Enhanced Campus Automation System presents an online alumni registration software module to produce such union for institutional profit.

  • Enhanced Campus Automation System presents clients customizable alumni registration form.
  • One can upload this online alumni registration form to institutes website so that ex students can enroll for alumni
  • Even such details about Ex-students and staff needs to be arranged and kept in the database together with the present report of the system.
  • And hence ECAS has developed a different component Alumni Register Software to handle these reports for alumni associations
  • To find the desired match you can use search panel to search records year-wise, course-wise, batch-wise, branch-wise, etc. This is one most efficient and time saving feature of our Alumni Register Software
  • You can send emails through the Alumni Register Software to invite the alumni for particular event, guest lectures, meetings, etc.
  • To invite alumni for events gatherings and any guest seminar, you can send bulk emails to all your former students and employees by using admen’s alumni register software

This is very helpful system to set alumni using email or phone which is listed in the database of the system. Ex students and workers are all the time requested to provide some guidance to the fresh undergraduate to obtain them adapted to the organization atmosphere.

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